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Temporary Noise Barrier

  • Temporary Noise Barrier
  • Temporary Noise Barrier
  • Temporary Noise Barrier
  • Temporary Noise Barrier
  • Temporary Noise Barrier
  • Temporary Noise Barrier
As a big noise barrier manufacturer in China,temporary noise barrier is one of our hot sell products.
In today's society, environmental problems are being paid more and more attention, and in every part of the environmental impact assessment, they are basically not suitable, such as: construction sites, temporary construction sites, etc. Because in these places not always produce noise, in the end of the construction will not produce noise, will see the noise control of this one, you can see that everyone's attention to this aspect of noise reduction.
Every time the noise control is mentioned, the first thing to think about is to install sound barriers, but in some sites it does not always produce noise, so installing sound barriers is a waste of cost. In this case, the temporary sound barrier can be used. As you can understand, a temporary movable sound barrier is installed during the construction needs, and it can be removed after the project is finished without affecting the surrounding environment.
Temporary Noise Barrier
Temporary Industrial used sound barriers, also named temporary noise barrier,mainly consists of steel column and sound insulation screen, pillar is the main stress part of sound barriers, it by bolts or welding on the wall or use C type post to install, sound insulation screen is the main part of sound insulation, it by high strength of the spring clamp should be fixed to the C post or others, form a sound barriers.
Temporary sound barrier design mainly considers the all-weather outdoor anticorrosive problem, its appearance is beautiful and easy, make delicate, convenient transportation and installation, low cost, long service life, especially suitable for the area of control purposes, is the best of the modern industrial USES of noise reduction facilities.
Temporary Noise Barrier
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Name Temporary Industrial used sound barrier
Length ≥0.5m
Hight Customed
Thickness (unit piece) 30-50mm
Material Galvanized steel sheet ,aluminum

Hole Ratio


Hole Diameter


Pitch of Holes



C type post
Flange plate customed
Packing PE film and Whaterproof material
RW ≥25dB
NRC ≥0.84
Post size Depend on the size

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