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Highway Noise Barrier

  • Highway Noise Barrier
  • Highway Noise Barrier
  • Highway Noise Barrier

Highway Noise Barriers Description

Highway noise barriers help in absorbing the noise generating from vehicles on a heavy vehicular traffic area. Thus noise barriers have proven to be effective in absorbing noise and providing an excellent solution to susidize noise for highway, residential areas near the busy roads, and also for schools, hospitals.

Highway Noise Barriers Characteristics

The installation of noise barriers is the best measure to reduce noise. The sound barrier can reduce l0-15dB for high frequency sound. The use of a transparent reflective sound insulation board in the middle of the sound barrier can effectively interrupt the transmission of sound waves; at the same time, it also provides drivers and residents with an open view environment. Noise can also be effectively controlled.

Highway Noise Barriers Design principle
When the sound source encounters a highway noise barrier, reflection, transmission and diffraction occur. Usually the barrier prevents the propagation of direct sound and allows sufficient attenuation of the transmitted sound, and the effects of the transmitted sound are negligible. Therefore, the sound insulation effect of the noise barrier can generally be represented by the amount of noise reduction, which reflects the sound barrier's ability to shield the two sounds. Insert a sound barrier between the sound source and the receiving point. Let the barrier be infinitely long. The sound wave can only be diffracted from above the barrier, and a sound shadow zone is formed behind it, just as the light is obscured by the object to form a shadow. In this area, people can feel that the noise has significantly weakened. This is why the highway noise barrier or railway noise barrier is installed.If in some places it is not suitable to build long-lasting sound barriers, such as construction. You can build a temporary noise barrier. By the completion of the construction, the barrier can be removed without affecting the environment and at the same time save costs.

Advantages of highway noise barrier

· Light transmission

The light transmission of the sheet is quite good which is up to 85%.

· Weather resistance

The weather resistant treatment of anti UV on the surface of the sheet prevents the resin from turning yellow by causing Ultraviolet ray.

· PC celotex sheet The UV agent has chemical bond to change ultraviolet ray into visible light ,which has a stable effect on the photsynthesis of plants.

· Fire retardant

Its impact strength is 10 times of the ordinary ray glass, 3-5 times of the ordinary corrugated roofing sheet and 2times of toughened glass .It is hardly broken.

· Temperature property

In the temperature from -40C to 120C, the product will not deform.

· Light weight

It is light in weight ,easy to handle and drill,convenient for construction and procession .

When cutting for installation ,it is not easy to be broken.

Name Highway noise/sound barrier
Length ≥0.5m
Hight Customed
Thickness (unit piece) ≥50mm
Material aluminum ,galvanized steel sheet ,PC,acrylic etc

Hole Ratio


Hole Diameter


Pitch of Holes



100*100*8mm and offer customed
Flange plate customed
Packing PE film and Whaterproof material
RW ≥25dB
NRC ≥0.84
Post H steel post
Post size Depend on the size

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