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What is the working principle of the Noise barrier?

Noise barrier is a kind of facility inserted between noise source and receiver to weaken the noise obviously in strength by hindering and absorbing the noise; then the receiver zone would be less affected by the noise. The noise barrier can be widely used in highway, railway, light railway, tunnel, industrial factory building, workshop and neighborhood, or other places. It is usually applied to weaken the effect of traffic noise to nearby urban area, to reduce the noise for the factory & other noise source and to protect the privacy for some special areas.
Acoustic barrier for highway is mainly used as a noise reduction of road, highway, viaduct and other noise sources. It refers to a kind of barrier set at the edge of road or railway in order to reduce the impact of vehicles' noise on residents nearby. A kind of facility is established between sound sources and recipients to let sound transmisson have a remarkable additional reduction, thus alleviating the bad influence of noise on areas where recipients are in; this kind of facility is Acoustic Barrier For Highway.
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