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What is Filter paper ?

Filter paper is used for filtering liquids in chemical and other scientific and automotive procedures. In chemistry, it is made of cellulose and is treated with hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid, and it is particularly useful due to the fact that it burns out almost completely without leaving behind much ash, less than 0.0001 gram to be exact. In other applications, such as automotive procedures, filter paper can be made of other fiber materials, such as cotton.
Filter paper Product details
This air filter paper media is made of meltblown as main raw material by wet process.  low air resistance, high filtration efficiency, high dust holding capacity, high strength and stable properties. It is an ideal material for air filtration.
 Filter paper Applications
This filter paper is the main materials of air filters. The air filters can be used for air filters of air-conditioning systems in medicine, electronics, food, textile industries and high-grade office/entertainment industries, etc.

Filter Paper


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