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What is Chain Link Fence ?

Chain Link Fence is a component based fencing system that is the most widely used style in the industry. There are a few basic components that make up a chain link fence, and each have special fittings that are used. This guide is broken down into those basic components, and include information that describes the basic parts, how they are used, and how to order them. As always, there are exceptions to the rules but this should cover the majority of applications.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing netting we supply are made of various metal materials: Stainless steel, aluminized steel / aluminum powder coated steel, galvanized steel and hot dipped galvanized, vinyl coated / plastic powder coated galvanised steel. The chain link mesh is used both as fencing material and architectural decoration draperies.The chain-link mesh is not a rigid fabric, as expanded metal fence, it shall be used always with fence posts and accessories to be fixed and installed as fencing panels. It is a kind of decorative fence as well as protective fence.

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