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Noise Barier for sale in china

Noise Barier (also called soundwall, sound berm, sound ba-rrier or acounstical barrier) is an exterier structure designd to protect inhabitants of senstive land use areas from nois-e pollution.
Noise barriers are the most effective method of mitigating railway and industrial noise sources- other than cessation of the source activity or use of souurce controls.
Product advantage: good quality material and rot proof surface treatment makes sound barrier can exit longtime without erosion in strict  harsh environment .
sound barrier can be divided into small and large sound barrier. It combines the characteristics of vertical sound barrier and angle sound barrier. It not only has strong wind resistance, simple installation, beautiful appearance, but also has good noise reduction effect, and is suitable for various occasions and various heights of sound barrier.
Application emvironment: highway, railway, apartment, air conditions unit, cooling tower, near school, places need to be keep quiet with small db. 
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