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How to choose the right car filter paper?

Filter Paper

Automotive filter paper is one of the main materials for the production of automotive filter cleaners. It is also known as automotive filter paper, namely air filter paper and oil filter paper. It is a resin-impregnated filter paper. The production line of the stain-cleaning filter is divided, pressed, and collected. The curing process is made into a filter, which acts as a "lung" of the automobile engine in an internal combustion engine such as an automobile, a ship, a tractor, etc., to remove impurities in the air, the oil and the fuel machine, and to prevent wear of the engine parts. Extend its service life. There are many filter materials for the filter, such as cellulose, felt, cotton yarn, non-woven fabric, metal wire and glass fiber, which are basically replaced by resin-impregnated paper filter. With the development of the world automobile industry, filter paper As a filter medium, it has been widely used by the world automotive filter industry.
Automotive filter paper has a fast and slow speed. Each is divided into qualitative filter paper and quantitative filter paper. Mainly used for filtration, but also for drying. There is also a special chromatography filter paper. In addition, filter paper cannot be used as weighing paper.
How to choose the right car filter paper?
Choosing the right automotive filter paper can be determined by considering the following four factors.
1. Hardness: The filter paper will become wet when it is filtered. Some long-term filtration experiments should consider the tough filter paper after using wet water.
2. Filtration efficiency: The degree of density and size of water seepage holes on the filter paper affects its filtration efficiency. High-efficiency filter paper is fast and has a high resolution.
3. Capacity: The solid particles accumulated during filtration may block small holes in the filter paper. Therefore, the denser the water seepage pores, the higher the capacity, and the more filtration is allowed.
Applicability: Some filter papers are completed by special production steps. For example, in the test medicine for measuring the nitrogen content in blood, it is necessary to use nitrogen-free filter paper.

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