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Highway Noise Barrier manufacturers in China

Noise Barriers are typically made from concrete, steel, vinyl, wood or earth mounds called 'berms'. Berms are pretty good but in order to get them high enough to be effective sound barriers, they have to be so wide they take up huge amounts of valuable land. Steel barriers are expensive, subject to corrosion and dent badly especially if they are going to have snow thrown up against them by snow plows. Concrete noise barriers are incredibly heavy, very expensive and are subject to needing replacement in as little as 10-20 years. Properly engineered vinyl barrier Like Silent Protector Noise Wall.
Sound Barrier/Noise Barrier Characteristics
1, Beautiful: Choose a variety of colors and shapes combined with harmony with their surroundings.
2, Economic: Modular production and assembly construction improve work efficiency, shorten the construction period, lower the engineering cost;
3, Practical: The product adopts the new technology and new material, sound absorption and insulation effect is good, it can reduce the noise pollution caused by passing trains effectively;
4, Durability: This product has the water resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, not affected by climate and weather.
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