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High Quality Noise Barrier Professional for sale

Noise barrier is also called sound barrier, soundproof wall due to its great noise absorption property. It is generally made of high density metal sheet resisting over 30db noise through punching, and has louver hole, micro hole, etc.
It is featured by high noise resistance, high sound absorption, simple installation, economy, beauty, safety and durability.
It is widely used for urban rail transit noise barrier, railway noise barrier, expressway noise barrier, indoor noise barrier, air conditioner barrier, mechanical noise barrier and other fields.
The feature of noise barrier
1. Good sound insulation
Noise reduction mechanism of acoustic panel is reflected rather than absorbed. After testing,15 and 20 mm acrylic sheet,respectively 32 and 35 db noise reduction.If the top of the acoustic panel made inwardly curved shape, sound effects will be better.
2. Excellent weather resistance
Acoustic panels in a variety of applications shows excellent weather resistance for outdoor use warranty of 25 years;while others such as PC sheets, turn yellow in several years only,on the visual environment have been affected.
3. High transparency
High transmittance over 91% (transparent plate), even higher than glass.The initial transmittance is better than other transparent plastics,and with surface damage,the transmittance will be further reduced for other transparent plastics such as PC sheet
Noise barriers help in absorbing the noise generating from vehicles on a heavy vehicular traffic area. Thus noise barriers have proven to be effective in absorbing noise and providing an excellent solution to susidize noise for highway, residential areas near the busy roads, and also for schools, hospitals.

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