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Fiberglass air filter paper wholesale

Fiberglass air filter paper is made of glass fibers as main raw material by wet process. Characterized by stable property, uniform fiber distribution, high dust holding capacity, high efficiency, low air resistance and high strength, it is an ideal material for air filtration.
1.Raw materials: Natural cotton produced by ultra-fine glass fiber cotton production enterprises with large production scale and sound management system is selected as raw materials. The company uses advanced raw material testing and analysis equipment, and cooperates with reasonable and complete material inspection procedures. Ensure that all materials put into production meet the design requirements of the product.
2.The production line adopts advanced digital control module to realize the fine management of the whole process and avoid the operation error. Production line operation, process products real-time monitoring, to avoid the emergence of defective products
3.The product has stable filtration efficiency, low initial gas resistance, excellent resistance to water and moisture, high tensile strength, high filter stiffness, minimal banner quantitative and longitudinal quantitative fluctuations, good overall uniformity, and high ultimate dust resistance. Etc. And according to the customer's different filter material use conditions, the product can be sensitive to the quality performance adjustment to achieve the product to adapt to the conditions of use.
Our air filter paper media is made of fiberglass as main raw material by wet process. Characterized by uniform fiber distribution, low air resistance, high filtration efficiency, high dust holding capacity, high strength and stable properties. It is an ideal material for air filtration.
1. high filtration efficiency
2. High dust holding capacity
3. Low resistance
4. High mechanical strength
5. Stable biochemical property
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