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Analysis on the Reasons for the Maintenance of Railway Sound Barrier

When sound waves encounter a sound barrier during propagation, reflection, transmission, and diffraction occur. Usually the barrier prevents the transmission of direct sound and makes the transmitted sound sufficiently attenuated, while the effect of transmitted sound is negligible.
Here are the reasons why the railway sound barrier needs to be maintained:
1. The glass that penetrates the sound insulation screen is loose, and the window frame and the sealing strip are aged. Transparent soundproof screens are usually made of PC board, acrylic board, laminated glass, etc. These materials are eroded by wind and rain. Over time, yellowing will gradually occur, affecting the visibility and light permeability of vehicles on the road. Sealing and connecting the sealing strips, strips and window frames that penetrate the sound barrier will gradually age and fall off.
2. The anchor bolts are loose and rusted. The column is fixed by flanges and bolts to the ground. The anchor bolts are generally metal bolts, which will be corroded and rusted over time, which will cause damage to the joints and further cause the screen to be skewed. The sound barrier screen is tilted back and forth, which is also a common phenomenon caused by poor fixation.
3. Loss and rust of the sound barrier unit board, and the rubber strip aging and falling off. The sound barrier is generally made of metal, although the sound barrier plate has been made
4. Gravity mortar has mortar crushed, powdered off the block, and the gravity mortar is not filled.
5. The column is loose and the screen is shaking. Mainly due to the gravity mortar falling off, the H-shaped steel is unstable. The road sound barrier needs to be poured on a pavement foundation before the H-beam column is installed. If the foundation of the road surface is not stable, it will naturally cause the sound barrier screen to sway. Over time, the screen may collapse.
The above is the relevant content of the railway sound barrier, I hope to help everyone.
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