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Car Use Filter Paper Introduction

Most of the filters are made of cotton fibers and are made in different ways according to different uses.Since the material is made of fiber, there are numerous holes in its surface for liquid particles to pass through, while larger solid particles cannot pass.This property allows for the separation of liquid and solid substances that are mixed together.

Car Use Filter Paper Functions

The technical index of filter paper can be divided into two aspects, one is the filtering characteristic of the filter paper and the other is the physical characteristics.The filtration features include air permeability, gas resistance, maximum pore diameter and average pore diameter. Physical characteristics include quantitative, thickness, stiffness, corrugated depth, resistance, resin content, etc.

Quantitative: refers to the quality of filter paper per square meter, unit :g/m squared.

Thickness: refers to the thickness of the filter paper, excluding the corrugated depth.Units: mm.

Gas resistance: the resistance of filter paper to air flow.Using 100cm2 filter paper, the pressure drop value of 85 litres of air was expressed in one minute.The unit is mbar. Or water column height (mm).

Corrugated depth: in order to enhance the longitudinal stiffness of the filter paper, the trench depth, in the unit :mm.In general, the value is 0.2mm.

Air permeability: in a certain area, under certain pressure (20 mm water column), the amount of air through the filter paper per unit time.Unit is: s. L/m2.

Nominal filter precision: refers to the resistance of filter paper to a certain size particle, and can resize or filter out 50% of the particle size.Unit: microns.

Maximum aperture: the void size calculated by the pressure of the first bubble on the filter paper during test.Unit: microns.

Average pore diameter: the pore diameter calculated by the pressure in "dense" bubble is called the mean pore diameter.The unit is: mu m.Resin content: the percentage of the weight of the filter paper.General is 10% ~ 30%

Stiffness: filter paper resistance to deformation.Units: mg.

Resistance: the maximum pressure on the unit area of the filter paper.Unit: kPa

Index name Index Unit Standard
Grammage 135 g/m2 GB451.2-2002
Thickness Caliper 0.5 mm GB451.3-2002
Corrugation Depth ------ mm GW001-2005
Not Cured burst strength 280 Kpa GB454-2002
Cured burst strength ----- Kpa GB454-2002
Not cured gurley stiffness 2500 mgs GW002-2005
Cured gurley stiffness ----- mgs GW002-2005
Air permeability(P200Pa ) 220 mm/s GW003-2005
Max Pore size 58 um GW004-2005
Mean Pore size 50 um GW004-2005
Resin content 21 % GW005-2005
Volatiles 4.0 % GW005-2005
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