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358 Security Fence

  • 358 Security Fence
  • 358 Security Fence
  • 358 Security Fence
  • 358 Security Fence
  • 358 Security Fence

358 mesh fence Description

358 mesh fence refers to the fence mesh mesh size 3 inches by 0.5 inches (76.2 mm * 12.7 mm) convert to mm, low carbon steel wire diameter is 8 #, which is 4 mm, and the square tube column connection combination of fence. Because the mesh of 358 guardrails is very small, it can block small pieces of gravel and small animals, and it can also prevent people from climbing over, so it is used as an anti-climbing safety fence net.

358 mesh fence specifications

Mesh fence refers to the mesh size of 3 inches *0.5 inches (also 76.2mm*12.7mm) and low carbon steel wire diameter 10#, which is 3.2 mm.This kind of specification is more commonly used, because silk diameter is small 0.8mm, cost is reduced, but mesh hole center distance is same, net aperture is slightly bigger 0.8mm, blocking effect is basically same.

358 Security Mesh Fencing

358 mesh fence and 3510 guardrail mesh adopt low carbon steel wire as raw material to weld into mesh piece, mesh fence height 2.0m--2.5m, net length 2.5m-3m.In actual production, the mesh is generally made of 75mm*13mm.Adjustable mesh size and low carbon steel wire diameter according to user requirements.

Surface treatment: hot galvanized,plastic coated ,powder coating

Color: white, grass green, dark green, blue, gray, etc.

358 guardrail and 3510 mesh fence main use: mainly used for high-speed railway guardrail network, prison mesh fence, airport security net, and residential area protection net.


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